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How To Build Positive Thinking?

How To Build Positive Thinking?

How To Build Positive Thinking

Step 1. Conquered your mind with confidence
  • We have the power to direct the spirit, emotions, instincts, tendencies, feelings, moods, your attitudes and behavior toward an end result.
  • To fend off the negative things, always like this: "My mind is mine, I'll control it!"

Step 2. Set the desired and undesired!
  • We must learn to discipline our minds and visualize the things you want. Do not let the environment or other people, dictating a negative shadow on us.

Step 3. Use the Law of the Main
  • Treat others as you want to be treated. Conversely do not treat other people badly if we do not want to be treated that way.

Step 4. Eliminate all negative thoughts
  • Simply ask ourselves, "if this is positive or negative?". When we fail to control our minds, then our reaction tends to be negative.
  • The more often we practice using positive mental attitude, the sooner we realize the emergence of negative thoughts.

Step 5. Be happy!
  • So we feel happy, acting like a man happy! To be excited, we must act vigorously.

Step 6. Form the habit of tolerating
  • Think open to other people. Try to love and accept others as they are and not demand or expect them to be as we expected.

Step 7. Give yourself positive suggestions
  • Strive for what is included in your five senses is something that is useful and gives happiness. Take the beautiful things alone.

Step 8. Use the Power of Prayer
  • When you pray, believe in what you ask for. In every storm, your soul will get protection from a prayer.

Step 9. Set a goal
  • Setting goals is one way to keep our thoughts are on what we want, and away from the things we do not want.
  • Write down your goals on a piece of paper. Visualize yourself being achieved this goal. Make a plan to achieve those goals, then change it into an action plan.

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