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Hypospadias Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions

1. Nursing Diagnosis: Pain (acute / chronic) related to physical factors

example: damage to the skin / tissue (incision)
Characterized by:
  • Objective Data : Conduct careful / distraction, anxiety, changes in vital signs
  • Subjective Data : Report of pain
Goal :
  • reduced pain
Expected Outcomes :
  • Saying controlled pain
  • Shows the pain disappeared, was able to sleep / rest appropriately
  • Assess pain, note the location, characteristics, intensity (scale 0-10)
  • Encourage the patient to say the problem
  • Provide comfort measures such as: change the position
  • Encourage use of relaxation techniques
  • Collaboration, give medication as indicated for example: analgesic
  • Helps to evaluate: the degree of discomfort and the effectiveness of analgesics or may declare the occurrence of complications.
  • Reduce anxiety / fear may increase the relaxation / comfort
  • Prevent discomfort, increase relaxation and coping skills can be improved.
  • Helping patients to rest more effective and refocus attention thus decreasing pain and discomfort
  • Reduce pain, increase comfort.

2. Nursing Diagnosis : Impaired skin integrity related to surgical trauma

Characterized by:
  • Objective Data: Damage to the skin, impaired healing
  • Subjective Data: Report of the wound still not healed
  • Normal skin, no visible damage
Expected Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate appropriate wound healing without complications

  • Protect the incision when changing position, coughing, deep breathing and ambulation
  • Observe the incision is periodically
  • Provide routine maintenance incision
  • Reduce the possibility of an open wound sutures
  • Affects choice of interventions
  • Increases healing
3. Impaired urinary elimination related to surgical diversion, tissue trauma
Characterized by
  • Objective Data: Changes in the amount of urine, the character of urine
  • Subjective Data: Difficult in urination
Goal: Elimination of urine is normal / to be like before the illness

Expected Outcomes : Demonstrate continuous flow of urine with urine output is adequate for individual situations.

  • Record of urine output, probe reduction / cessation of flow suddenly urien
  • Observe and record the color of urine
  • Show catheterization techniques
  • Encourage increased fluid intake and maintain accurate
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Decrease in urine flow may indicate a sudden obstruction / dysfunction
  • The color of urine should be clear
  • Periodic catheterization to empty the container
  • Maintain good hydration and urine flow
  • The indicator shows the level of hydration fluid balance and fluid replacement therapy effectiveness.

1. Assessment to change the perceived / actual
2. Complications can be prevented / minimal
3. Procedure / prognosis, therapeutic programs, potential complications understood and sources of support are identified.

Nursing Care Plan for Hypospadias with Assessment and Diagnosis

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