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Physical Assessment for COPD

Physical Assessment for COPD

The assessment includes information about the symptoms last and previous disease manifestations. Here are some guidelines to get data question the health history of the disease process:
  1. How long the patient has trouble breathing?
  2. Does the activity increase of dyspnea?
  3. How far the patient's tolerance limit activity?
  4. When patients complain of fatigue and shortness of breath most?
  5. Are eating and sleeping habits affected?
  6. History of smoking?
  7. The drugs used every day?
  8. The drugs used in acute attacks?
  9. What is known about the condition of the patient and his disease?

Additional data collected through observation and examination as follows:
  1. Patient's pulse rate and breathing?
  2. Is breathing the same regardless of effort?
  3. Is there a contraction of abdominal muscles during inspiration?
  4. Is there any use of accessory respiratory muscles during breathing?
  5. Barrel chest?
  6. Does seem cyanosis?
  7. Is there a cough?
  8. Are there any peripheral edema?
  9. Are the neck veins look bigger?
  10. What is the color, amount and consistency of sputum of patients?
  11. What is the status of patients sensorium?
  12. Is there an increase in stupor? Anxiety?
  13. The results of diagnostic tests such as:

Physical Assessment for COPD

  1. Palpation reduction in chest development?
  2. Is there decreased tactile fremitus?
  1. Is there hiperesonansi on percussion?
  2. The diaphragm moves just a little?
  1. Is there a loud wheezing sound?
  2. Is there ronkhi sound?
  3. Nomal or decreased vocal fremitus?

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