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Nursing Interventions for Impaired Physical Mobility related to Stroke

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Impaired Physical Mobility

In general, vascular disorders of the brain or stroke is a disorder of cerebral circulation. Is a focal neurologic disorder that can occur secondary to a pathological process in the cerebral blood vessels, such as thrombosis, embolus, rupture the vessel wall or vascular disease basis, such as atherosclerosis, arteritis, trauma, aneurysm and developmental abnormalities.

Stroke can also be interpreted as a functional disorder of the brain that are:
  • and focal or global
  • acute
  • last between 24 hours or more
  • caused disturbances of brain blood flow
  • not caused by tumor / infection
Classification based on pathology:

1. Hemorrhage stroke: a stroke that occurs because blood vessels in the brain ruptures causing ischemic and hypoxia in the downstream. Causes of hemorrhage stroke include: hypertension, aneurysm rupture, arterivenosa malformations,

2. Non-hemorrhage stroke: stroke caused by embolus and thrombus.

Nursing Diagnosis for Stroke: Impaired Physical Mobility related to neuromuscular weakness, the inability of cognitive perception

Evidenced by:

Inability to move, on the physical environment: weakness, coordination, limited range of motion, decreased muscle strength.

The patient goals / evaluation criteria;
  • No contractures, foot drop.
  • There is an increasing function of the ability of feeling, or compensation of the body
  • Appears behavioral skills / engineering activities
  • The maintenance of skin integrity

Nursing Interventions: Impaired Physical Mobility - Nursing Care Plan for Stroke

  • Change position every two hours (prone, supine, oblique)
  • Start training active / passive range of motion in all extremities
  • Support your limb in a functional position, use a foot board at the time during the period of paralysis. Keep head in neutral.
  • Evaluate the use of assistive devices regulatory position
  • Help improve sitting balance
  • Help manipulated to influence the skin color of edema or normalize circulation

  • Consul assigned to physiotherapy
  • Assist in electrical stimulation gave the
  • Use a special bed as indicated

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