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Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Disturbed Sensory Perception

Disturbed Sensory Perception
related to:
changes in reception and transmission.

Goal /
Reveals an awareness of deficits in sensory, mental or maintain general orientation and identify interventions to minimize damage / sensory complications.

Nursing Interventions:


1. Monitor neurological status on a periodic basis such as the ability to respond to simple commands and responds to pain stimulation.
R /: Development and reappearance of signs and symptoms may vary greatly. These developments are often quite quickly and possibly culminating in a few days / weeks. The healing process begins 2-4 weeks after the process ends and the progression of the disease and most slowly.

2. Provide a safe environment (bed barrier protection against thermal trauma).
R /: Loss of sensation and motor control patients make major concern of caregivers who must maintain a therapeutic environment and prevent trauma.

3. Provide an opportunity for resting on areas that are not susceptible to interference and provide other activities appropriate to the patient's ability boundaries.
R /: Reduce the excessive stimulus and can increase anxiety and minimize great coping skills.

4. Orient the patient returned to the environment as needed.
R /: Helps reduce anxiety and is particularly useful in case of visual impairment.

5. Provide appropriate sensory stimulation, encompass sound of soft music, television (news or a show).
R /: Patients feel isolated due to total paralysis and during the healing phase.

6. Suggest person closest to speak and give a touch of the patient and to maintain engagement with what is happening in the family.
R /: Helping people nearby, felt the mask on the patient's life (decrease feelings of helplessness / no expectations) and decrease patient anxiety during the breakup of the family.


7. Refer every related sources to aid speech therapy.
R /: Increases the healing process / minimize residual symptoms of neurological impairment.

8. Auxiliary perform plasmapheresis as needed.
R /: Handling the throw immunoglobulins, complement, vibrinogen and acute phase proteins that cause disease and respiratory depression in patients.

9. Provide medication as needed.

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