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Pathophysiology of Hepatitis

Pathophysiology of Hepatitis

Inflammation that spreads to the liver (hepatitis) can be caused by infection by viruses and toxic reactions to drugs and chemicals. Basic functional unit of the liver called lobul and the unit is unique because it has its own blood supply.

Along with the development of inflammation in the liver, the normal pattern in the hepatic impaired. Disruption of the normal blood supply to the cells causes hepatic necrosis and damage to liver cells. After passing his time, the liver cells become damaged eliminated from the body by the immune system response and replaced by new cells of a healthy liver. Therefore, most clients who have hepatitis recovered with normal liver function.

Inflammation of the liver due to viral invasion would lead to an increase in body temperature and stretching the liver capsule which lead to feelings of discomfort in the upper right abdominal quadrant. This is manifested by the presence of nausea and pain in the gut.

Onset of jaundice because the liver parenchymal cell damage. Although the number billirubin that has not undergone conjugation, into the liver remained normal, but due to liver cell damage and intra-hepatic bile ductuli, then there is the difficulty of transporting billirubin in the liver.

There was also a difficulty in terms of conjugation. As a result, billirubin imperfect through the ductus hepaticus issued, due to retention (due to cell damage excretion) and regurgitation in the ductuli, bile has not undergone conjugation (indirect bilirubin), or already experiencing the conjugation of bilirubin (direct bilirubin). So here jaundice arising mainly due to difficulties in transport, conjugation and excretion of bilirubin.

Feces contain little stercobilin therefore pale stools (abolis). Because water-soluble conjugated bilirubin, the bilirubin can be excreted into the urine, causing urinary bilirubin and dark colored urine. Elevated levels of bilirubin can be accompanied by an increase in the conjugated bile salts in the blood which will cause itching in jaundice.

 Pathophysiology of Hepatitis

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